Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

The goal of the Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation department is to assist the patient in achieving an optimal level of physical, mental, social and occupational function. The different programs strive to accomplish this goal through a structured rehabilitation program including exercise goals and lifestyle modification.

Our rehabilitation staff consists of Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Athletic Trainers and Speech/Language Pathologists. These clinicians will treat you in your room or in our outpatient building following your discharge from the hospital. 

  • Physical Therapy will you achieve your functional, occupational and/or recreational goals utilizing pain relieving modalities, therapeutic exercise and functional training.
  • Speech Therapy will treat patients from infants to the elderly with difficulties that include swallowing, disorders that affect understanding language and disorders with expression of language.
  • Athletic Training is the Sports Medicine Department that is committed to serving local sports teams by providing for the prevention, care and prompt treatment of athletic injuries. Our program is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the local community that promote a positive, healthy lifestyle for all athletes, parents and coaches.

Raleigh General Hospital offers the rehabilitation services of speech and physical therapy to you while you are in the hospital as well as after you have returned home. A referral is needed from your doctor before therapy can begin. As a patient in the hospital these services can assist with your transition to home. Once you are discharged from the hospital, the Rehabilitation Department can provide other assistance. For more information call 256-4295 for inpatient services and 256-4296 for outpatient services.